To expand upon the products and services delivered via our Group through the establishment and investment in businesses and categories that deliver horizontal and vertical integration.

To invest in the future potential of the markets where we are present, while always considering new markets and business opportunities.

To understand customers' needs, delivering products and services that meet and exceed their expectations while always associating quality to the ASTRA name.

To inspire our people to reach their true potential.

To deliver sustainable growth to our stakeholders.


Our confidence in our own resources and reach, our understanding and insight of customers’ needs, our commitment to quality, our preference for self- sufficiency and our five decades of experience guide us towards our future and our true potential.


Our values are at the heart of every decision we make. They represent our ethics and attitude and are therefore derived from our name:


We are forward thinkers. We insist on always being one-step ahead, constantly injecting best practice in order to improve efficiency. We believe in technology and invest in the future.


We are sincere in our commitment to realize our vision. We are genuine in our dedication to being good global citizens. Our sincerity is a result of our long history and culture. We are earnest in our desire for growth.


We are guided by our integrity. We are transparent in all of our dealings and honest in our evaluations. We ensure that we only align our interests with those that carry the same conformity to actuality.


We are committed to our stakeholders, our partners, our suppliers and our surrounding communities. We are accountable for each decision we take. We are obligated to enhancing the lives of our people.


We are proficient, capable and our expertise is the result of our five decades of knowledge. Our skill set guides us towards delivering quality in each of our businesses.


The Arab Supply Trading Company (ASTRA) is a diversified group of companies with investments in a wide range of sectors that include:

Construction & Mining, Energy, Financial Services & Investment, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare & Medicine, Industry, Real Estate & Hospitality, Media, Plastics, Specialty Chemicals, Steel and Telecommunications.

Mr. Sabih Masri, our founder, established ASTRA in 1976 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His vision is the inspiration that guides the Group forward. Mr. Masri’s belief in self-sufficiency is the core principle behind the Group’s five decades of successful expansion and growth.

Today, ASTRA has grown from its humble beginnings to a multi-national organization with more than 6,000 employees in 11 countries. ASTRA subsidiaries deliver quality products and services to customers across the globe. ASTRA is proud of its history and is committed to its future. The Group subsidiaries operate in compliance to the Group’s stringent quality control and assurance policies. Cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art solutions and advance management practices are at the heart of our organization.


The hands on leadership team inspires us towards our true potential

Mr. Sabih Masri


Khaled Masri


Kamil Sadeddin

Vice President

Ghassan Akeel

Chief Executive Officer

Iyad Al-Hajji

General Manager
Jordan & Palestine

Samer Hendawi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Nasser Al Masri

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

Ayman Yousef

Chief Financial Officer